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Black and White Star in Circle

"I began training with Sid in April of 2014, at the age of 63. I had a long list of afflictions. Primarly, bad back (to the point of yearly spinal injections), knees, hips, shoulder. I was overweight. Aches and pains were something I thought I would live with the rest of my life. Through his techniques, corrective excerise, nutrition and weight training, all of these ailments have disappeared (including the intense back pain). I was not a beleiver, but I am now. Just check out the pictures. I am 66 and feel stronger than I have in years. THANK YOU SID."

Mike Della Maggiora

Black and White Star in Circle

"I haven't worked out in 30 years, overweight by 70 pounds, and have gone through cancer and recently was diagnosed with diabetes. I also have a bad knee and couldn't climb stairs without pain. Sid took me on anyway ( I believe that he has a calling to help people like me) and has been very patient with me and never pushes me... instead he encourages me in every step of the recovery of my strength, which is my primary objective. He's also helped me correct my diet and is in process of correcting my balance, my bad posture, and the way my muscles have conformed to the negative way I've held my body for years.  
I've been in the military and of course spent time in boot camp, and at first I was afraid that this would be like another boot camp... it isn't. Anyone feeling like they can't do it... with Sid's help, you can. No matter what your shape, size or weight. By the way, I've been working with Sid for 3 months and I'm down 2 pant sizes, 1 shirt size and down 12 pounds... and I feel so much better already. Oh, and I'm climbing stairs again!"

Mickey Miller

Black and White Star in Circle

“Sid has been working with me for over a year. He has helped me be more healthy in my life and choices. I have recommended him to my friends and family and now we all utilize his services."

Kerry Lua

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